International University – Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City would like to invite IU undergraduate students to participate in the workshopAUN-KU Winter Seminar on Human Security Development and Energy Science” co-organized by the Graduate School of Energy Science (GSES) of Kyoto University and the ASEAN University Network-Kyoto University Student Mobility Program toward Human Security Development. The details are as follows:

1. Date & Venue
11-23 January 2021, Kyoto University, Japan (Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, it is likely to be held online)
2. Criteria and eligibility
  1. Undergraduate students from AUN member universities 
  2. Students in all fields are welcome
  3. The number to be admitted: 25 students 
3. Costs (Only applicable for the physical event only. If the event is held online the participation fee and other expenses will not be collected)
  1. Participation fee: JPY 10,000 This fee includes field studies, and other necessary expenses during the seminar. All participants should pay this fee in cash in JPY on the first day of the seminar.
  2. Participants are also required to organise and pay the following costs:
    • A round-trip flight ticket 
    • Travel expenses between the airport (e.g. Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport (Itami)) and Kyoto. 
    • Fees related to visa applications 
    • Travel insurance 
    • Cost of meals
  3. Kyoto University will reserve a hotel for all participants. (Accommodation costs are covered by the programme)
4. Scholarship (If the event is held online, the scholarship will not be given)
The 15 applicants as selected by the programme committee will be eligible for a scholarship from JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization). The amount of this scholarship is JPY 80,000 per person (tentative).
Please find further information at: 
5. Application Package:
? Short-term application form:
? Copy of passport
? Transcript of Record
? CV
? Required documents of Organizer:
6. Deadline: Application package sent to ISSC (Room A2.604) by 11 September 2020