International University – Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City would like to invite IU Graduate and PhD. students to participate in the International Internship Program. This incentive program aims at giving interns the opportunity for professional and personal development by engaging in research activities under the guidance and supervision of NII researchers. The details are as follows:

  1. Time frame:
  • Internship activities should be for a period of 60 to 180 days (excluding travel time to and from Japan). Students must be able to commit to a minimum period of 2 months.
  • Candidates must start their internship by the end of March, 2021
  1. Type of internship

Candidates can apply for an online or on-site internship or both.

Note: On-site program could be made once pandemic-related travel restrictions have been lifted, and NII is once again prepared to receive on-site internships.

  1. Target candidates:

The NII Internship Program is open to Master’s and PhD students who are currently enrolled at one of the partner institutions.

Students who have already obtained the Doctor of Philosophy degree are ineligible for the NII International Internship Program.

  1. Application package:

Note: Candidates can choose up to 3 topics out of the list of available research projects at NII.

  1. Program funding:
  • Online internships: No remuneration;
  • On-site internships: For the duration of the internship, 5700 JPY per day will be provided by NII towards living expenses. Medical insurance will also be provided (which covers students in most situations (except for pre-existing / chronic conditions, dental care, vaccinations, and certain other conditions). Any visitor residing in Japan for more than three months must make contributions to the national health insurance program. Internship students are liable for payment of an insurance fee of approximately 1000 JPY per month to the local government of their residence.
  1. Program details:,

  1. Application deadline:
  • Online program: by 7 Jan, 2021;
  • On-site program: by 1 February, 2021;

Application package sent to email and room A2.604, Thu Duc campus