Student Exchange and Study Abroad Program at International University (IU SEaSAP) started in Academic Year 2010/2011 with 02 Inbound and 05 Outbound Students. In 2014, International Student Service Center (ISSC) was established with the aim to strengthen the IU Student Exchange Program. Since then, thanks to the active contribution of IU SEaSAP Alumni Network, the Exchange Program at International University has been gradually developing and sharpening.

On August 08, 2019, IU SEaSAP Alumni Association was officially established, paved the way for the Program to hit its first milestone: the 10-year Anniversary! The Ceremony was an opportunity for the Alumni to unite and to exchange the experiences, as well as to inspire others with their invaluable sharing.

Let’s enjoy their vivid memories and the wonderful adventures in this Memento of IU SEaSAP – First Edition as of August 08, 2019.