1. Time and duration: from March to September 2020

2. Location: Taiwan

3. Requirements: 

All qualified candidates with Business Administration or related major, good English ability, and strong motivation in pursuing a master degree at NQU or in Taiwan

4. Activities:

This program titled “Taiwan Experience” which means all members will be provided the following Taiwan-rooted practical & academic experiences.  And this new program includes:

  • Internship (At one of the leading hotels or companies in Kinmen)
  • Mandarin courses (To improve future competitiveness)
  • Professional training (Both tourism and business fields)
  • Pre-sessional courses (To prepare for the postgraduate program at NQU)

5. Expenses covered:

  • Free round-trip tickets
  • Free accommodation
  • Monthly allowance

6. Deadline: 16:00, 9/01/2020 at A2.604 (ISSC)

7. Reference:

Please take a look the following videos:

NQU Introduction Video: https://youtu.be/RuMxqtAmJlg

Students’ experience sharing:

Arina’s sharing – https://youtu.be/Tlzk3uwgLPI

Andi’s sharing – https://youtu.be/hzPBwnZguKo

The internship of TEEP students: https://youtu.be/_swHtxD2Y8Y

TEEP graduation video: https://youtu.be/DJuc3LhVe9c