Our Role

Center for International Mobility (CIM) is the first point of contact for all prospective and current International Students and Scholars. CIM was established with the aim to assist international students and scholars with the process of applying to IU Programs, advising on immigration regulations, consulting on academic and daily challenges. We also assist IU community to get more involved in international educational exchange through our inbound and outbound mobility programs. Our Office cooperate with other Schools, Departments and other Divisions at IU to create and maintain an inclusive, global campus.


We provide information relating to:

– Application Process

– Immigration & Visa

– Accommodation

Consulting & Assisting

We assist international students and scholars with:

– Orientation Week

– Academic Support and Consulting

– IU Policies and Procedures

– Daily Challenges (personal and social matters)

– Cultural Adjustment

Extra Activities

We organize Extracurricular Activities for international students, and maintain Alumni Network for International Exchange Students







Our Programs

Student Exchange Program

Definition: These exchange programs operate within the framework of cooperative agreements between IU and the partner universities worldwide. Students enrolling in these programs only pay tuition fees to their home university; and credits are transferred toward their home university upon completion of their overseas studies.


  • International students from one of the partner universities with IU.
  • IU full-time students including both Vietnamese and foreign students.

Method of operation: Home institution’s students will be nominated to participate in the exchange program at one of the selected host institutions. After finishing the exchange period, students will not be awarded with a degree; however, all the relevant course credits will be recognized and transferred back to the home institution.

Tuitions fees: Students will have to pay the tuition fees to the home institution.

Study Abroad Exchange Program

Definition: The Study Abroad Program is a full tuition program. This program is intended for IU students who wish to study at non-partner institutions or those students who have not been selected for the exchange program. Vice versa, international students whose home university is not our partner may study one or two semesters at our campus through the Study Abroad Program.


  • International Students belong to universities that do not have prior exchange agreements with IU

Method of Operation: Students are allowed by their home institution to study at the selected host university. After finishing the exchange period, students will not be awarded with a degree; however, all the relevant course credits will be recognized and transferred back to the home institution.

Tuition fees: Students will have to pay the tuition fees to the host university.

Cultural Exchange Program

Definition: This is a pure cultural exchange programs between IU students and international students of other universities.

Method of Operations: CIM will be in charge of welcoming and communicating in such programs; however, we will not offer services to Cultural Exchange Programs’ students.



Dinh Kim Phung

Dinh Kim Phung

Head, Center for International Mobility

Le Huynh Bao Tram

Le Huynh Bao Tram

Inbound Coordinator

Inbound Mobility Program for International Student and Scholar


Nguyen Bao Han

Nguyen Bao Han

Outbound Coordinator

 Outbound Mobility Program for Student and Scholar




“When I first put my step into Germany, I was half worried and half excited. That was the first time I had lived far from my family. However, it was a great chance for me to test my survival skills. It turned out to be a great chance for my personal improvement. It was the first time I had been able to cook a full meal for myself, shop for clothes and other stuff.

Furthermore, it was wonderful to live in an international environment, got to know more tradition and culture in other countries. There was one time that I had a chance to take part in an international dinner. I tried many different dishes from Pakistan, China, Mexico, etc. This opportunity offered me a wonderful trip, travelling around Europe once in a lifetime, visiting all famous tourist attraction.

The trip to celebrate my youth. Thank Europe, thank Tl Stiftung, thank family and thank myself for not letting my youth pass meaninglessly.”

Mai Quốc Hưng

ESB School of Business, Reutlingen University, Germany | Semester II | 2017-2018

“I usually encouraged myself by saying ‘Keep your heart warm in the Nordic cold’. Being far away from home is the bravest choice I’ve ever made. Stepping out of my familiar zone makes me become more aware of other cultures around the world and aware of myself. When you are on exchange, you realize that how immense the world is, and you are just, a tiny part of it. That makes your desire to stand out increases. I learned some Swedish, went ‘fika’ at 14.00, just like a Swede does. I did travel around Europe, met some strangers at hostel and could talk with them for hours. I felt full of love.

Every Wednesday night is the most expected time in a week. We have party, we dance, we drink together. So, why don’t you just come to Jönköping and enjoy yourself? I’m truly into that place.”

Võ Kiều Linh

Jonkoping University, Thụy Điển | Semester II | 2017-2018