ASEAN Credit Transfer System (ACTS) is a student-centered system applied to student mobility among AUN (ASEAN University Network) Member Universities. This system was developed to facilitate student mobility under AUN Student Exchange Program. ACTS has been designed to accommodate differences in the implementation of credit system among the member universities without any requirement to modify the existing institutional or national credit system.

ACTS mainly focuses on promoting people-to-people linkage with its three aims: enrichment of purpose, enhancement of students’ soft skills and exposure of international experience. ACTS also benefits students in three ways: credit earning, intellectual exchange and networking of ASEAN friends. During the first two years of ACTS implementation (since 2011), there are more than 100 students from 6 ASEAN countries have participated in AUN Student Exchange Program under ACTS scheme.

Official website: https://acts.ui.ac.id


Check out the slide for more information: HERE

Step I: Selection from IU-VNU

1. Visit Center for International Mobility (CIM) to consult about the host university you would like to attend and the relating information (deadline, available courses, etc.)

2. Visit ACTS website at https://acts.ui.ac.id and register to get username and password.

3. Log in to ACTS online application system and upload all required documents. You may choose three different universities as your exchange destinations.

4. Print out the completed application form and submit it with other essential documents to CIM.

5. Wait for your application to be reviewed by IU-VNU and nominated to VNU-HCM. Next, VNU-HCM will nominate your application through the system if you meet all the eligibility.

Step II: Selection from Host University

1. Once nominated, your application will be reviewed by Admission Committee at host university through the ACTS online system.

2. Host university will approve your application if you meet all the requirements (Approval done through the online system).

3. You may be accepted by MORE THAN ONE university. Therefore you have to confirm your enrollment though the system.

4. Host university issue the Acceptance Letter based on your confirmation and send the hard-copy to CIM.

5. Collect your Acceptance Letter and other essential documents (Certificate of Enrollment) to apply for a Visa to your destination country.