I just want to say that exchange program can be a life-changing experience for anyone since it pushes you out of your comfort zone and give you a chance to broaden your horizontal of the world.

Thanks to Office of External and Public Relations, ISSC and HUFS, I had my greatest experience during my university life.

Ngo Lien Thao (Ms.)

Summer Exchange Program at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies - Korea


Besides IU-SEaSAP, students can discover the world via numerous short-term programs abroad including: student exchange, cultural exchange, conference, internship, research, training, contest, volunteer, etc.

At IU-VNU, there are two main kinds of Short-term Program:

1. Program announced by host universities/partner universities:

IU-VNU call for applicants, nominate eligible students to host universities, and support students with essential documents (Certificate of Enrollment, Decision of Nomination, etc.)

2. Program selected by students:

Students look for the programs themselves and IU-VNU neither call for applicants nor nominate candidates to host universities.

Students who request for supporting documents (Certificate of Enrollment, Decision of Nomination, etc.) should follow the instructions as below.



Students who apply for Short-term programs are requested to visit the office of International Student Service Center (Room A2.604) at least 2 weeks before the deadline of the program for Eligibility Scanning and Consulting Section.

If applicable for the Short-term program, students should follow this instruction:

Step 1. Bring your Application package to the office of Center for International Mobility (Room A2.604).

Required documents include:

  • Application Form for Short-term Program. Click here to download
  • CV
  • Official information of the program(s) you are interested in.
  • Transcript of Record (Scale 100)
  • Letter of Acceptance (if applicable)

Step 2. Wait for the application to be reviewed by IU-VNU.

There are two possibilities:

a) Approved by IU-VNU to continue the application

CIM will inform students with the result and issue the supporting documents for students.

b) Rejected to continue the application

If you do not fulfill the requirements, or your academic progress could be negatively affected, your application will be rejected by IU-VNU. In this case, CIM will e-mail you personally with the result and the reasons for the rejection.

Step 3: Complete the Application or Apply for Visa

After receiving the supporting documents, students are able to:

1. Complete the Application via online system.


2. Apply for Visa to the host country where the program(s) will take place.

NOTE: It takes at least two weeks to process your application. CIM will NOT take any responsibility for late result due to your late submission.