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International Student Testimonial – Yannick Traub

International Student Testimonial – Yannick Traub

Wayne Gretzky once said that “You miss 100 % of the shots you don’t take”. This quote is certainly  true for the experiences I had during my exchange semester at IU. In the summer of 2020, I was doing an internship and prepared to go to Vietnam. But it seemed...

Maybe you missed these facts about Korea by Mỹ Ngọc

한국에 대해 이런 사실을 놓친 것 같다! Maybe you missed these FACTS about Konkuk University and Korea --------- Hàn Quốc là một trong những quốc gia phát triển bậc nhất ở châu Á với nền công nghiệp sản xuất và dịch vụ là "trụ cột" chính. Nhắc đến xứ sở Kim Chi là nhắc đến điện thoại...

Exchange students from France, Fall semester AY 21-22

Gauthier Agathe Caroline Melanie and Le Gall Lisa Louise Marie, Business students from Rennes School of Business, France. ------------------------------- We are two French students who arrived in Vietnam in mid-August for a semester of study. Today, we made our first...

Exchange Student in Fall semester, Spring 2021-2022

Hueber Andreas Alfred, Business student from MCI Management Center Innsbruck. My name is Andy, and I am from Austria. My study allowed me to do a semester abroad and after lots of thinking, my choice fell on the heart of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. Due to the severe...


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