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Please contact the IU Coordinator (Ms. Tram Le, for further instructions on the course syllabi at IU.



In the event that absence occurs more than 20% of semester duration, the student will be prohibited from taking final examination (score of zero (0) will be recorded).
On the examination date, the student who is late from 15 minutes onwards will not be allowed to enter the test/examination room and the score of zero (0) will be recorded.


Each lecturer will have a tutorial session per week to help students with course-related questions and problems. Otherwise, you could always seek help from the teaching assistant of that class. 


While many tests could be organized along the course, the major ones will take place in the middle and at the end of the semester. Re-sitting examination will not be available in any circumstances.
Your IU Student ID is required during examination: You must present your current IU Student ID Card when attending examinations. If you do not have your ID card with you, you will be refused for entry into the examination room and you may fail your course. In this case, you will be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs to obtain documentation certifying your identification, allowing you to enter the exam room. Extra exam time will not be given to students who do not have a current IU student ID card readily available. Lateness On the examination date, the student with 15 minutes late (or above) will not be allowed to enter the test/examination room and the score of zero (0) will be recorded.

Important Note: Due to internal constraints, IU will not support any early examination request. Students are required to strictly follow the examination schedule, including mid-term and final examination. 


Assignment and class participation: 20-40%
Mid-term exam: 20-30%
Final exam: 40-60%
* This is a guideline only. The assessment may vary between different courses.


In the orientation week, students will be provided with accounts of some online systems for their study at IU:

EDUSOFTWEB: To access timetable, examination schedule and marks.
– For undergraduate students:
– For graduate students:


In some courses, lecturers will upload the homework, lecture’s hand-out, and announcement on blackboard. Please access to this website for update information/downloading necessary documents.


Grading includes grades from the mid-semester test, experiment test and the final examination. 

Classification 100 – Point Grading Letter Grades 4- Point Grading
Excellent 90<= GPA <=100 A+ 4.0
Very good 80<= GPA <90 A 3.5
Good 70<=GPA<80 B+ 3.0
Fair 60<=GPA<70 B 2.5
Average 50<=GPA<60 C 2.0
No passing
Weak 40<=GPA<50 D+ 1.5
Very weak 30<=GPA<40 D 1.0
GPA<30 F 0.0


  • The official course registration will be published by IU  2 weeks prior to the first week of each semester. Please contact your academic advisor at your home institution for the courses that might meet your academic needs.
  • It is also quite common for your tentative course list to be changed after your arrival at IU. This may be due to some reasons:  the courses are cancelled; the timetable of your selected courses may be in conflict; or courses are not offered during the semester that you are attending. Therefore, it is very important to remain in close contact with your home Coordinator and IU Coordinator once you are enrolled in a semester exchange at IU.
  • One week after the classes begin, you cannot drop or withdraw the courses. The courses withdrawn after the drop period will still be present on the transcript.

Guideline For Registration Of Subjects/Courses:

Log in Edusoft web: is required.

Downloadable Guideline

Video Guidelines


All Exchange and Study Abroad students must be enrolled in a minimum course load of 12 credit points (approximate 4 courses) and no more than 24 credit points (approximate 8 courses) per semester (each credit is equivalent to approximately 15 class hours and 2 self-study hours).


Two copies of the official transcript will be sent directly to your Home University within four weeks after the end of the final examination period.


Vietnamese semester credit system

Normally, most Vietnamese Higher Education Institutions divide an academic year into three semesters as follows:

  • Semester 1 and semester 2: with the duration of 16-20 weeks per semester
  • Summer semester: with the duration of 8-10 weeks per semester (optional)

The measurement of a credit is determined by the class contact hour. The actual number of a single semester credit hours is often calculated as follows:

  • Normally each course is awarded 3 credits.
  • Each credit represents 15 hours of theoretical lectures per week plus 2 hours of self- study.
  • Each contact hour is 45 minutes spent in the classroom.

U.S. Semester Credit System

A large number of U.S. Universities have a similar credit system to the Vietnamese system, including credit hours in course descriptions, syllabi, and transcripts – so there is no conversion of credits needed.

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

Every 1 IU credit equals to 1.7 ECTS credit.