• Before departure to host university:

Students are recommended to find the available courses during exchange semesters through the host university’s web page.

Students are responsible to ask for advices from their School or Department’s academic advisor when selecting programs or courses for exchange semester and must fill out the Tentative Course Registration form (it is a must for students to register at least 14 IU credits).

Advisors can assist students in selecting programs or courses that might meet students’ academic needs and which courses may or may not transfer credit back to IU.

  • After your departure to host university:

After officially enrolled at host institutions, students are required to fill in the courses they register in the Official Course Registration Form sent by Outgoing student Coordinator.

It is also quite common for students’ course list to change after arrival at their host institution (this may be due to canceled courses, the course timetable may be in conflict, or courses are not offered during the semester you are attending).


Remember to check with the coordinator at the host institution about the procedure for obtaining a Transcript of record during your exchange semester.

Normally, the host institution will send two copies of your official transcript directly to IU within several weeks after the end of your study term. If you are responsible for Transcript request, make sure you obtain two original records: one for yourself, and one for IU Outgoing student Coordinator.


Your earned credits at host university will be transferred to IU under IU credit system. This procedure will be carried out by the Office of Academic Affairs.

For example:

01 IU credit = 1.7 ECTS

(ECTS credit system is used by most universities in Europe). 


Equivalent Courses Approved by IU-VNU

As part of the Application process, each student is required to register for Tentative Course during his/her Exchange semester at Host university.

Normally, each student are able to register for maximum 10 courses per host institution that have been approved as Equivalent Course at IU-VNU.

Click here to see the updating List of Equivalent Courses.

Course(s) To Be Considered for Credit Recognition

Students could register for maximum 10 courses per institution to be reviewed by Department/School and Office of Academic Affairs.

One course at Host university and one course at IU-VNU are approved equivalent only if the similarities in the content of two courses reach at least 80%.

Students will be informed about the result of Equivalent Checking before their departure to Host university.