There are 02 types of Inbound Exchange Program at IU: Regular Exchange Program and Study Abroad Program. Students can study from 01 to 02 semesters at IU regardless type of exchange that they are applying for.


1.1 Exchange Programs in collaboration with IU’s Partner Universities:

Participating in the exchange program, students from IU’s partner universities remain enrolled full-time at their home university while being abroad. Students will pay their usual tuition fee at their home university; No additional IU tuition fee being charged.

Students will be responsible for their own living expenses during their time in Vietnam.

1.2 Exchange Program in collaboration with ISEP:

By studying abroad on ISEP Exchange,  student pays tuition and fees to his or her home institution and open up a spot for someone to come learn at his or her university. 

To study abroad on ISEP Exchange, student’s home institution must be an ISEP Exchange member. ISEP Exchange Program allows  student to exchange in over 50 countries on six continents.

Pricing overview:

As a participant, out-going student pays a fee to his or her home institution based on the cost of regular tuition, fees, housing and meals, thus creating a “space” and set of benefits for an incoming student (open up a spot for someone to come learn at his or her home university). Each incoming student makes a similar arrangement at his or her home institution, creating a “space” and a set of benefits for the out-going student at his or her host institution.

Information in details of ISEP Exchange Program can be found here.


This program is a regular, full tuition program. If students’ home university is not an IU partner, or if students are not selected for the exchange program, they can still apply for one or two semesters at IU through the Study Abroad program.