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What is IU Student Exchange Program?

IU Student Exchange Program is an annual program (starting semester 1 and 2), giving students a chance to go study abroad for 01 to 02 semester at a university of their choice.

How many types of exchange are there?

There are two main types of exchange program:

Partner Exchange ISEP Exchange
Definition Exchange to a partner university Exchange through ISEP, a network of over 300 universities
Application fee Not applicable

395 USD/semester

495 USD/2 consecutive semesters (*)

English Certificate Not Required (except the USA, Australia, and Canada)


(TOELF ibt: >=79;

IELTS: >=6.5)

Chance of Placement Good Depending on the host university
Living Expense

Depending on the host country

(Approx. 3500 – 4500 USD)

Approx. USD 3000


Where can I go and for how long?

Students can choose to participate in the exchange program at any university among the 300+ universities (with over 50 universities through Partner Exchange and over 300 universities through ISEP).

For a more detailed list, please click here.

Depending on students’ application, each student can go on exchange up to 2 semesters. Your exchange semester will be accumulated in your total duration at IU (06 years at the maximum).

What will be the main language of teaching at universities from non English speaking country?

All the courses that students register will be conducted in English. In addition to academic courses, students will have the opportunities to take part in many other cultural programs and language courses during their stay at the host country.

Where will I stay at the host country?

Each host university will have a support team to help students with all the accommodation (housing) matters, so students do not have to worry much about it.

The most common types of accommodation include dorms, international house, etc.

Will International Student Service Center assist me with my visa application?

Yes, ISSC will support students preparing their visa application by providing academic-related documents, and providing information where appropriate. However, students take full responsibility to apply for the visa by themselves.

Can I work during my exchange semester?

It depends on each country’s regulations; however, it is advisable for students not to work during their time aboard.

Will my participation delay my graduation?

Participating in the exchange program, student’s graduation might be delayed by one semester, depending on the number of equivalent courses being recognized by IU at the end of your exchange program. As a result of this delay, your Academic Standing/Degree Classification may be affected (downgrade from Excellent to Very Good).

What about the tuition fees for the courses that I take at the host university?

Students will pay tuition fees basing on the total number of credits that they register at the host university (native language courses voluntarily offered by host university are excluded – proof required).

This total number of credits will be converted into IU credit system; students pay tuition fee for the converted credits. However, if the converted credit is lower than 12 credits/semester, a tuition fee of 12 IU credits minimum will be applied according to IU Regulation (students must register at least 12 IU credits/semester)

Who can participate in the exchange program?

All International University students can participate in the exchange program, including:

Undergraduate students (both IU Program, and twining programs): students need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Complete your first academic year at IU and have at least one semester left before graduation (third year students preferred)
  • Have accumulated GPA of 68/100 and above (or equivalent).

Graduate students: students need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Complete your first academic semester at IU
  • Have accumulated GPA of 68/100 or above (or equivalent)
What are the benefits of the exchange program?
  • Experience a real international academic/living environment
  • Extend your network, make new friends
  • Strengthen your resume, enhance your career prospects
  • Develop valuable personal skill
  • Improve language skills (both English and another Third language)
  • TUITION FEE WAIVER at host university (Imagining studying in the States for a small portion of IU tuition fees)
  • Credit recognition for the equivalent courses taken at the host university
What is the estimated cost of the program?
  Partner Exchange ISEP Exchange
Application fee Not applicable

395 USD/1 semester

495 USD/2 consecutive semesters (*)

Visa application fee Depending on the host country
Travel insurance Approx. 400 USD
Flight ticket Depending on the host country
Living expense

Depending on the host country

(Approx. 3500 – 4500 USD)

Approx. USD 3000
Other expense Books, stationary, clothes, traveling
Tuition fees Paid to IU, in accordance with IU regulations


Will there be any scholarships?

Yes, there are a selected number of programs that offer students with scholarship. However, it might vary each academic year. Please contact IU Outbound Coordinator for more information.

Will the courses that I took at the host university be accepted at International University?

It will depend on the similarity between the courses from the selected host university and International University.

Students have full responsibility to contact the advisors of their School/Department when choosing the programs and courses to suit their academic progress. The advisors will assist them in evaluating the courses equivalence before the official registration is done.

How do I start the application process? Where can I get an application?

Students can download application here

Please refer to the cover page of the application to learn more about the required documents. Once complete the application package, please submit it to International Student Service Center (ISSC) at room A2. 604 before the set deadlines:

  Partner Exchange ISEP Exchange
Fall Semester 5th March 25th  January
Spring Semester 20th August 5th August


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