International University – Viet Nam National University is pleased to announce the 1st International Summer Internship at NII in 2021. NII will provide applicants with internship opportunities. After finishing the program and completing the internship report, interns will be given a certificate from NII. The detailed information is as follows:

  1. Internship Duration:

Applicants can conduct the internship from 60 to 180 days at NII. The minimum exchange period is 2 months;

– Applicants have to start the internship before 31/10/2021;

– For more information:;

  1. Applicant Eligibility:

Postgraduates enrolled in Master’s degree or PHD degree programs related to the fields and the research topics at NII.

* Note:

Applicants who are full-time lecturers or regular officials are prioritized, and will contribute to the institute sending them to the internship after finishing the program.

– Applicants who have already obtained a PHD degree are not acceptable for the internship opportunities.

  1. Application Requirements:

Applicants must fill in the registration form downloaded at:

– Applicants choose 03 topics among the topics available in the list of research topics. List of research topics:

– CV (in English).

– Certificate of enrollment as master/doctoral students from sending institutions.

* Note:

NII will not accept applications sent directly.

– Interns taking part in the program have to work on the topic they have chosen and comply with the regulations and statutes at NII. In case of violation, interns will be forced to cancel their internship.      

  1. Internship Allowance:

NII will support interns with an allowance for stay cost of 5,700 Yen/Day during their stay at NII.

– NII will pay for medical treatment fees except for some specific and injured cases (For example: chronic diseases, dental or vaccine-related problems).

– Interns who have duration of stay over 3 months are acceptable to join the national health insurance. This cost is about 1000 Yen/Month and interns must pay for other expenses on their own.

  1. Application deadline:

Please submit application package to Center for International Mobility (Room A2.604) before 15/7/2021