International University – Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City would like to announce that the Government of Japan provides grant aid to implement the Vietnam Human Resource Development Scholarship Program for Vietnam (JDS) 2019 for school year 2020 – 2022 as follows:


  1. Information about JDS Scholarship Program:

JDS scholarship is applicable for officials and public employees who work in state agencies of Vietnam, having qualifications to study Master programs taught in English for 2 years at Japanese universities. Available majors include: Strengthening the market economy system (Public Economics, Public Administration), Transport/ Urban Development, Energy, Agriculture and Rural Development, Environment, and Response to Variables Climate Change and Environmental Disasters, Strengthening the Legal System and Strengthening Public Administration Capacity. The training program will equip modern analytical and management skills for officials to perform properly in various fields of government management.

In the academic year 2020-2022, the program expects to admit 60 Master students.


  1. Target applicants and Admission requirements:
  • Official and lecturer working at state agencies, universities and public colleges across the country, enterprises with 100% state-owned capital, having political qualities, good morality; not in disciplinary enforcement or being examined by disciplinary authorities;
  • Be physically fit to study abroad, having at least 02 years of full-time experience at government agencies (including at least 06 months of full-time work at the current agency with social insurance payment);
  • Aged 24 to 39 years old as of April 1, 2020;
  • Graduated from an official university in Vietnam or foreign countries;
  • Approved by the agency to enroll in 2-year-Master program in Japan (from August 2020 to October 2022);
  • Committing to complete the training program and return to serve at the sending school or at the request of the State. Those who do not complete the training program, drop out of school, are forced to leave school or after graduation do not return to the country of service, do not fulfill the obligations of the scholarship recipient must compensate the training costs in accordance with Vietnamese government regulations;
  • The field of enrollment registration must be in accordance with the current job, approved by the agency in the dispatch;
  • For university and master graduates abroad but not sent by the Ministry of Education and Training to or graduate from university and master training programs coordinated with foreign countries conducted in Vietnam need an equivalent certificate issued by the Department of Quality Management – Ministry of Education and Training;
  • Not to recruit candidates who fall into the following cases:
  • Having been sent by a State agency to study abroad but failing to complete the course or failing to make a graduation report as prescribed;
  • Working at a local agency but there is no document of the direct managing agency agreeing to attend the meeting;
  • Having been granted a scholarship to attend university / graduate school abroad, with obligations, responsibilities, or subject to training funding reimbursement.


  1. Selection criteria:
  • Applicants have a high ability to contribute to the country after graduation;


  • Candidates who have good competency and achievement in studying and working, including English proficiency shown through the TOEFL LTP 500 GBT 61) or IELTS 5.5 are valid until May 31, 2020.


  1. Application and Registration Process
  • Applicants visit the website to download the brochures and the JDS scholarship program.
  • Applicants submit paper documents directly at the office or by post to the address:

Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE)

JDS Scholarship Project Office in Vietnam

3rd floor, Vietnam – Japan building (VJCC)

Foreign Trade University, 91 Chua Lang, Dong Da, Hanoi. Phone: 024 3934 7711/12



  • Before sending paper documents, candidates must scan to save the entire file to PDF files (each type of scanned document into a separate file no larger than 1 MB) to register online on the system. Online system of International Cooperation Department – Ministry of Education and Training at the following address: /. For technical issues, please contact email:


Deadline for submission of hard-copy and soft-copy application package: Before 17:00 October 29, 2019 (deadline of submission, application documents by postmarked transfer of documents to JDS Scholarship Project Office if applying via post office).

A valid application is a package that includes all the required documents for a scholarship, submitted within the time limit specified in the Notice of Enrollment (including both online and paper records). Those who submit incorrect application forms and those who certify incorrectly will be handled according to the provisions of Vietnamese law.

  1. Scholarship:
  2. a) During the enrollment process in Vietnam
  • Free TOEEL ITP and health check organized by JICE;
  • Travel and accommodation support for qualifying rounds (for applicants outside Hanoi only) and orientation course in Hanoi (for all successful candidates);
  1. b) After being admitted
  • Free visa application.
  • Tuition fees at Japanese higher education institutions;
  • Vietnam round-trip tickets <> Japan:
  • Monthly living expenses in Japan;
  • Fixed initial subsidies to buy computers and materials;
  • Assistance with finding housing and free housing deposit in Japan;
  • Cost of attending a seminar in Japan and internationally;
  • Cost of transporting furniture to Vietnam after finishing school.


  1. Estimated enrollment schedule
  • October 29, 2019: Deadline for JDS scholarship application submission
  • November, 2019: English proficiency test (TOEEFL ITP) for candidates who do not have a TOEEFL TP score of 500 or IELTS 5.5.

Basic math algebra test (except candidates for Nagoya University, Kyushu University and Tohoku University).

  • December , 2019 Japanese universities select applications
  • February , 2020 Japanese universities conduct technical interviews
  • March , 2020 The Executive Board of the scholarship program conducted the final interview
  • End of March 2020 Announcement of final results
  • April , 2020 Complete admission documents
  • August , 2020 Admission to Japanese schools